When everything is going well, people enjoy living. When everything is going well, children enjoy attending school. In my practice I strive to help people effectively and efficiently, in other words to provide help which has the desired result in the shortest possible time. The basic philosophy with which I work connects closely to the basic philosophy of the French psychiatrist David Servan-Schreiber, author of the book “Healing without Freud or Prozac, natural approaches to curing stress, anxiety and depression without drugs and without psychoanalysis”. His main point of view is that people themselves have healing capacities which can be used to resolve psychological problems. These healing capacities prove to be more effective and efficient than traditional therapies, for example the psychoanalysis of Freud. My basic philosophy began early in my career and has developed itself over the years. In the first years after my graduation in clinical psychology and child psychology in 1976 I was intensively committed to training self-help groups alongside my job as a psychology professor on a degree course in teaching for registered nurses.
I have followed courses in several therapy methods. I have also followed courses to become a licensed health care psychologist and EMDR therapist. In that way I became acquainted with therapy methods which connect with my basic philosophy and make it possible for me to help my clients effectively and efficiently.

In addition to my registration as a health care psychologist (GZ psycholoog) I am a registered European EMDR practitioner. I am also a member of the Dutch Psychological Association (Nederlands Instituut van Psychologen).